Full Service Recording Studio

Ovation Sound is a full service recording studio in Winston-Salem. We offering recording, editing, and voice overs & ADR.

In House Recording

Ovation Sound has two recording suites and multiple isolation rooms to accommodate any configuration your project may require. Please contact us to discuss your project details and how we can best serve you.

On Site Recording

From small ensembles to big band or orchestra, we have the on the road capability to capture your project in its finest form. Be it a live performance or recording session, we work the same magic offsite as we do at home.

Ovation Evan Mixing

Editing & Media Transfers

Evan Richey and Bill Stevens are classically trained musicians who are masterful editors. We have been in front of sheet music since we were born. If you are a classical musician and need an editor look no further.

Our knowledge of the software, ability to read scores and understand dynamic and emotional nuance gives us the edge as editors. Share files with us from anywhere in the world, provide us with PDF’s of the score and the playlist, and we will seamlessly edit your product.

Ovation Sound has options, supports a plethora of audio formats – old school and new school: Vinyl, 8-Track, Reel-to-Reel, Cassette, MiniDisc, CD, DAT and ADAT. We can transfer audio from any format to a digital format of your choice.

Voice Overs & ADR

Ovation Sound has years of experience in Automated Dialogue Replacement work in television and film. Our credits include shows like Law and Order and actress Rosemary Harris. Our library of microphones boasts the Sennheiser 416 Condenser and the Sanken COS11 Lavalier, the industry standards for ADR.


Do you have a song that is so good it deserves to be arranged for full band with strings and horns? Do you have a film or video that needs that perfect score? Perhaps you have a concept for a piece of music and need an experienced composer to help you realize it? Whatever your project needs – arrangements, embellishments, the perfect hook – we make it happen.
Please check out our portfolio. You’ll find chamber music, musical theater, jingles, commercial music, film scores, scores for corporate video, pop tunes, gospel music, jazz compositions, and much more! Let us know how we can help you make your ideas become entities.

We are musicians. We belong to a network of musicians. If you have a project that requires the participation of additional artists, we have the in-house talent (and we mean TALENT) to meet your needs

composing and arranging

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