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Ovation Sound is the premiere recording studio in the Piedmont Triad, providing the perfect atmosphere for creativity. Our facility is built to accommodate any band or ensemble. Our engineers are highly trained musicians and are committed to developing partnerships with our clients.

Control Room A

Control Room A visually connects to the Live Room and both isolation rooms. Currently running Pro Tools 10 on a sturdy Mac Pro packed with processing power and RAM, and partnering with the MOTU 2408 MK3 audio interface, Control Room A is equipped with 24 channels of inputs and outputs.

Sixteen channels of digital inputs come courtesy of two Focusrite OctoPre Mk II 8 channel Microphone Preamplifiers. On the front side of eight analog inputs are the LaChapell 992, Avalon AD2022, GA Pre-73 MKII and the Universal Audio 6176.

Control Room B

Control Room B visually connects to ISO 1 and ISO 2. Currently running Pro Tools 10 (controlled by the Avid C-24) and partnered with the Orion 32 audio interface, Control B has 32 channels of inputs and outputs and features The Equinox – a 32 channel summing mixer by Shadow Hills Industries.

Studio B also houses a listening station with multiple monitoring options, and supports a plethora of audio formats: Vinyl, 8-Track, Reel-to-Reel, Cassette, MiniDisc, CD, DAT and ADAT. Studio B is a great place to create, mix and master!


In ISO 1 ( Drum Room ), we have recorded some of the best drummers in the industry, including Calvin Napper, Ivan Hampden, Iajhi Hampden, Rischard Jenkins, Artimus Pyle and Jeff Sipe. Our in house drum set is a custom maple fusion kit with lots of character.


In ISO 2 ( Area B3 ) we have our vintage keyboards which include a 1947 Hammond B3 organ with a Leslie 46W rotating speaker – one of the rarest and best! And a 1969 Fender Rhodes Electric Piano. Both are in perfect performance condition and have loads of character. Your track will benefit from the presence of these amazing instruments.


Isolation 3 is specifically designed for vocals, spoken or sung, though equally suited for any audio source that benefits from an acoustically dry environment.


Our Live Room visually connects with Control Room A and both isolation rooms. With 600 square ft, 13 foot ceilings and a pure and true acoustic, it accommodates any ensemble – perfect for jazz band, chamber orchestra, film scoring stage, smaller groups and soloists. A versatile space with an organic sound and creative environment.

The trademark feature of the Live Room is our Steinway B Grand Piano – a beautiful instrument with impeccable sound, warm tone and smooth, responsive action. Every artist who plays it falls in love. It is the perfect instrument for any style of music.

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