Music Education

At Ovation Sound, we value the passing of the torch! Contact us if you are interested in summer seminars, private lessons or enrolling in our course at WFU.


Standing Ovation Enrichment Program​

This unique after school program is located walking distance from Arts Based School at our brand new, state of the art recording studio, OVATION SOUND, equipped with cutting edge audio and video equipment. 


Music Production and Recording is a course providing elective credit for music majors and minors alike at Wake Forest University. Mus 103 introduces students to the art of recording and to the recording studio. The course is taught at Ovation Sound and educates the student in microphone techniques, acoustical conditions, signal paths, gain stage, and every basic element of the recording arts. They will learn the basics of Pro Tools (the industry standard recording software) and engineer/produce their own recording which becomes their final project. If you are a student planning to attend Wake Forest University and have an interest in this art, this course is for you.

Ovation Sound Music Summer School

Ovation Sound Summer School

Beginning to intermediate students (all ages) will learn every aspect of how records are made. Our instructors will educate and inspire you in the art of recording. You will learn ‘hands on’ how to master the mystery behind how the music you listen to is created, and how to create your own.

Private Music Lessons

Whether you are an aspiring studio engineer in need of some trade secrets, a total beginner with an interest in the recording arts, or a musician looking to gain knowledge of the studio world, let us provide a mentor equipped with the knowledge, passion, and resolve required to set you on your path toward achieving your goal – whether that means a career in the recording arts, a greater understanding of the mystery behind how the music you listen to is created, or a confidence about the environment you immerse yourself in as a recording artist.