Standing Ovation Enrichment Program

Our goal at the Standing Ovation Enrichment Program (SOEP) is to give middle and high schoolers interested in the arts, and curious about what goes on behind the scenes a place where they can be exposed to the tools and knowledge necessary to dive into the world of design and production.

This unique after school program is located walking distance from The Arts Based School at our brand new, state of the art recording studio, OVATION SOUND, equipped with cutting edge audio and video equipment. 

This enrichment program will introduce students recording techniques, music and video editing, songwriting, light design. They will gain valuable team-working, creative problem solving, and communication skills.

Students will have an amazing opportunity to build upon the basics they may already know and will enjoy Guest Artist Master Classes from talented visitors in our artistic community in a variety of subjects, including radio, live sound, light design, and song writing.

Students will develop an expansive knowledge of the recording process, from the placement of the mic to the processing and mixing of soundscapes. They will gain the equivalent of professional recording studio experience and will build music portfolios over the course of the semester. In addition, they will be first on the list to sign up for our summer camps!

During the school year, students will choose to attend SOEP once a week from 2:40-5:00pm on Mondays, OR Thursdays. Summer Sessions will be offered Monday-Friday from 2:00pm-5:00pm.

Students will be escorted by a SOEP staff member after school/camp from the Arts Based School to Ovation Sound and will be provided a snack upon arrival. Students will need to be picked-up from Ovation Sound by 5:00pm and no later than 5:15pm. 

There are a limited number of spots available in the Standing Ovation Enrichment Program



More information to follow after signing up below. Feel free to reach out with questions to Bill or Laura at